How to get gems (jewels) in Dragon City with simple tips

Dragon City is a free game to play on Android , iOS , Windows Phone or PC via Facebook . The city simulator focused on creating dragons allows you to get rich by collecting gems. Check out the step-by-step tutorial how to get free gems in the 2017 version of the game:

Check out tips and tricks to improve your dragon in Dragon City game

Although it is possible to buy gems using real money through microtransactions, the following tips are only focused on free solutions that can be performed anytime in Dragon City.

Step 1. Try to play Dragon City every day without fail, as the game offers daily bonuses for regular players. The more you play, the better your chances of winning the game's lottery.

The best freebie in the game allows you to receive up to 45 gems at once! The prize is quite rare and depends heavily on luck, but as the effort comes down to just logging in, it's worth insisting;

Step 2. Keep an eye on the objectives tab located in the left corner of the screen and strive to fulfill all the challenges proposed by the game. They convert to hundreds of experience points;

You get a gem completely free of charge when you level up. Hatch lots of eggs and build food farms to speed up the process even further;

Step 3. If you don't mind giving some personal data to the game's producer, it's worth accepting the command prompt that appears on the screen automatically and agreeing to link your Dragon City account to your Facebook profile.

Once you provide your login and password for the game, dozens of gems will automatically be credited to your account;

Step 4. Use the button in the lower left corner of the screen to participate in dragon fights. By winning any tournament, you'll earn two gems and some gold!

Build a Dragons stadium so you can participate in more fights and then click on the Dragons League to compete. It's possible to face up to three players every six hours, so plan your time well;

Step 5. From time to time, Dragon City will open annoying pop-up windows that ask you to participate in product surveys. If you want jewelry, resist the urge to close it and read it carefully.

Once again, you have to give up a little privacy, but filling out the surveys and allowing the game to access your personal data translates into dozens of effortless bonus gems at the end of the survey;

Step 6. The last tip is also the simplest: be patient and resist the urge to spend gems to speed up the game's works. This can drain your account in moments.

Gems are the rarest item in Dragon City, so it's never worth trading them for the early end of your buildings. Instead, follow all the steps listed above and you'll soon have a good supply of gems in your inventory.


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